Michelle Dyson

fine art, oil painting, acrylic and watercolor and mixed media


A little bit about me........

My intention is to grow in my practice everyday as an artist, as a teacher and as a compassionate  person. My passion is nature and how we experience the color and light of the day.  I am inspired by the ocean, the way it feels like home and my youth. I am a student of creativity and composition with intention.  For me process=intention, I once followed the steps....thin and dark-light and warm, warm colors forward-cool colors in the background and have a line of sight. Now I keep those “rules” in mind but follow my intuition. I find I have a vision for the canvas even before I start and build the story from that single point.  Painting for me  is about growth, reflection and experimentation, I want to be sincere about the intent.

The older I get the more I let the art be about living in the moment. I find I am more of a mixed media artist using fabric, paper, yarn and found items to create a tactile experience.  All of my work has a form of flight be it a bird or dragonfly or my favorite humming bird. As the spring draws near I am soaking in the longer days, longing for fireflies and electric sunsets.

Lets all strive for stillness each and every day to experience all the beauty that surrounds us. Counting my blessings and wishing you a day full of smiles and laughter,


My work can be found for sale at Apotheca flower shoppe and Acopio Goods in Goffstown, NH as well as here on this site.  Thank you for taking a moment to pause and look.

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I Welcome you to my fine arts page

Great news!!!! I am in the process of having my web site revamped and all new!!! It will have a blog and  e-commerce page so you can purchase work right here!!  

Some of the new work from the studio. Birds, birds and more birds. All of these acrylic paintings are available on my Etsy site starsalign.

This is a detail of one of my favorite paintings. It reminds me that spring is not that far away. I am feeling the energy of new beginnings and change.